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Buy DOVO Manicure Items -All at KnifeCenter

DOVO products are all made in Germany and are the best quality. These manicure/pedicure products and some of the finest in the world. For a larger selection, you can list all of the KnifeCenter Manicure products HERE

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DOVO Deluxe Nail Nipper 5 inch Box Joint
DOVO Deluxe Nail Nipper 5" Box Joint
Part Number: G103
$92.95 $73.95
5 (1 review)
DOVO Contoured Cuticle Nippers 5 inch Overall
DOVO Contoured Cuticle Nippers 5" Overall
Part Number: DV10660506
$119.95 $76.95
DOVO 4 inch Cuticle Nipper (1/2 Jaw)
DOVO 4" Cuticle Nipper (1/2 Jaw)
Part Number: DV1900056
$64.95 $49.95
DOVO Cuticle Nipper 1/4 inch Jaw
DOVO Cuticle Nipper 1/4" Jaw
Part Number: G99
$34.95 $27.95
DOVO Contoured Cuticle Nippers 4-1/2 inch Overall
DOVO Contoured Cuticle Nippers 4-1/2" Overall
Part Number: DV10650456
$105.95 $69.95
DOVO Haptikos Nail Nippers, 5-1/4 inch Overall
DOVO Haptikos Nail Nippers, 5-1/4" Overall
Part Number: DV1265516
$113.95 $84.95
DOVO Cuticle Scissors 3-1/4 inch Curved, Extra Fine Tip
DOVO Cuticle Scissors 3-1/4" Curved, Extra Fine Tip
Part Number: DV31346
$69.95 $45.95
DOVO Cuticle Scissors 3-1/2 inch, Fine Tip
DOVO Cuticle Scissors 3-1/2", Fine Tip
Part Number: DV325356
$63.95 $49.95

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