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Tactical Pens Pens
Pens at the Knife Center:
We offer a great variety of quality writing implements. Don't look for the 10¢ cheapos or the Mont Blanc models. We have American made Fisher Space Pens, with their space-age technology and sense of style, Kyocera Ceramic rollerballs and Benchmade tactical pens, as well as dozens of quality pens designed for inconspicuous self defense.

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Pen Types:
Tactical Pens
Tactical Pens
These tactical pens have one thing in common: They are self defense tools that pack a punch, but do not scare the average citizen.
Fisher Space Pens
Fisher Space Pens
Famously used by NASA astronauts, the Fisher Space Pen is also popular with survivalists and campers for its ability to write under almost any circumstances.
Benchmade Damasteel Pens
Benchmade Damasteel Pens
Who says you cannot have style and functionality? The Benchmade Damasteel series has the design of a Benchmade tactical pen, but it is made out of a stunning damascus steel.
Kyocera Ceramic Pens
Kyocera Ceramic Tip Pens
Kyocera is a respected manufacture of a variety of ceramic products. Their ceramic tip ballpoint pens replace the usual metal ball with a ceramic one that writes smoother and lasts longer.
Cold Steel Pocket Shark Marker
Cold Steel Pocket Shark Marker
The Cold Steel Pocket Shark Marker is a permanent marker with a reinforced, industructable body, for use as a self defense tool in emergencies.
Wagner Swiss Army Pens
Wagner Swiss Army Pens
Swiss Army Knives occassionally come with a functional but small pen. The Wagner Swiss Army Pen compensates for that, by putting the Swiss Army knife in the butt of a full-size pen.
Tactical Pen Ink Refills
Ink Refill Cartridges
With quality pens like these, you don't want to throw them away once the ink runs out. We even have ink colors that the pens don't come with!
Colors: Black, Blue, Red, Silver, Brown, Burgandy, Green, Turquoise, or Purple .
Pen Accessories
Pen Accessories
We carry replacement clips for the Fisher Space Pens, as well as displays for showing off your collection of fine pens.

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