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Scissors and Shears

Scissors and Shears at the Knife Center

We all use scissor or shears daily or often, but to get the most out of your scissors you need the right pair for the right task. Here is a great index page to make it easier for you to find the pair of scissors to fit your job.

General Household Scissors and Shears

Household Scissors and Shears

A general listing of the best household scissors and shears.
General Listing of Scissors

All Scissors

General Listing of Shears

All Shears

The Difference Between Scissors and Shears

Scissors have symmetrical, equally sized finger holes and are generally under 6" in blade length, while shears are more than 6" in blade length, and have one smaller finger hole and one larger finger hole.

Kitchen Scissors and Shears

Kitchen Scissors and Shears

The models you need in your kitchen designed for food preparation.
Sewing Scissors and Shears

Sewing Scissors and Shears

A great variety of scissors and shears designed for all of your sewing tasks.
Hair Scissors

Hair Scissors

Top quality scissors with stronger blades for cutting hair.
Hunting and Camping Scissors and Shears

Poultry, Outdoor and Hunting Shears

Shears designed to cut birds easily and/or for use in the great outdoors, these will do some tough work.
Moustache Trimming Scissors

Moustache Trimmers

Moustache trimmers are thin and straight for precision, which is vital when you want your moustache to look just right.
Metal Cutters and Snips

Metal Cutters and Snips

Scissors designed with stronger blades, for cutting through metal. We also carry aviation snips for cutting through sheet metal, and tin snips for detailed work.
Swedge Scissors

Swedge Scissors and Shears

The design of these scissors and shears lends them extra strength, to cut through stacks of material.
Nose Hair Scissors

Nose Hair Trimmers

Scissors designed for trimming overgrown nose and ear hairs. The rounded tips protect you from accidental injury.
Electrician Scissors Shears and Wire Cutters

Electrician Scissors and Shears

Designed to cut wire, insulation materials, cable ties and more. Many of these include notches for wire cutting.
Duckbill Sewing Scissors

Duckbill Scissors

These scissors and shears feature a flat "duckbill" top blade to prevent gauging.
Manicure and Cuticle Scissors

Manicure and Cuticle Scissors

These cuticle scissors are perfect for detailed nail cutting work. Some of these are specially designed for trimming the nails of infants.
Wire Cutters

Wire Cutters

These wire cutters have hardened edges for easily cutting through wire. Many of these are spring-loaded for ease of use.
Trimmer Scissors and Shears

Trimming Scissors and Shears

We carry trimming scissors and shears in all shapes and sizes, fit for any trimming task you might have.
Nail Nippers

Nail Nippers

A variety of high quality nail nippers at great prices. Includes classic lever-type nail nippers as well as handled nippers.
Kevlar Scissors

Kevlar Shears

Designed for cutting through Kevlar, these shears also work well for cutting through other tough materials.
Pattern Shears

Pattern Shears

These pattern shears are designed for detail work, with short blades that keep their full cutting power all the way to the tips.
Floral Cutters and Snips

Floral Cutters and Snips

Made from metals that are more resistant to corrosion and sticking, these scissors and shears are great for gardening work.
Discount Pruners


Pruners for cutting small branches and trimming bushes. We also carry ratcheting pruners, for those tough branches.
Sewing Thread Snips

Thread Snips

Small thread snips designed for small spaces that give you better control of the scissors for more precise cuts.
Bent Shears and Scissors

Bent Scissors and Shears

These scissors have a bend at the handle, allowing the blade to hug the work table or the next layer of material.
Straight Shears and Scissors

Straight Scissors and Shears

Typical straight scissors and shears, with no bend. These are good for most tasks.
Offset Scissors and Shears

Offset Scissors and Shears

These offset scissors and shears are good for cutting and trimming in hard to reach places
Left Hand Scissors and Shears

Left Handed Scissors and Shears

Most scissors and shears are designed for right-handed people, which creates some difficulties for left-handed people.
Travel and Collapsable Scissors

Travel Scissors

These scissors fold up for easy portability. Great for your key chain or suitcase!

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